What Envision Teachers Are Saying

What Envision Teachers Are Saying



“My teaching practice has grown infinitely since being at Envision and I feel so grateful to be surrounded by brilliant, dedicated, and relentless leaders and educators. I am supported with resources and opportunities to be my best self in the classroom, and to serve my students in a culture of joy, growth and reflection.”

— Marni,
Global Studies Teacher at City Arts & Tech





“As I reflect on my 7 years at Envision, the one thing that comes to mind is how we develop students’ ownership of their learning. Our portfolio process and the focus on projects as a core instructional practice make it possible for students to do the heavy lifting while demonstrating their learning to their family and community in an authentic way. I am proud to be a part of Envision’s growth and to be a part of a founding team of professionals that recognize the need to extend this type of learning and support to the middle grades level.”

— Omar,
An Impact Academy teacher for 7 years,
Omar will be moving up to a Vice Principal position at
Envision’s new Impact Middle School opening August 2016.


180 - Envision Schools - August '13

I’ve been at Envision for 6 years and in my time here something that stands out is the deep sense of community among kids, teachers, staff and parents. We are constantly focused on getting our students to reflect on their own data to build goals. Using three themes —  intellectual agency, academic competitiveness, and rigorous, critical thinking — we are changing how our students think about building their community and empowering them to take ownership.

The reason I have continued to stay with Envision is that I get to wake up and come to work surrounded by people who share the same vision. I am constantly inspired and motivated by like-minded colleagues, passionate about supporting students to achieve their absolute best!

— Jessica,
Current Vice Principal of Operations at Envision Academy


Here’s what Clare, a History teacher at Impact Academy in Hayward, says about how teaching at Envision is different — and better — for her as a teacher and for her students: