Student Work & Testimonials

Student Work & Testimonials

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“Metro has introduced me to a different way of learning, an array of diverse people and was the main factor in my high school success. Some of the things I learned in Metro also help me through my college work.”

Simone, Metro grad

“I don’t know what we would do without Metro. They’re an extension of our family. We, parents, have the right to choose the best school for our children. I really do hope that your family will choose Metro just like we did. Your child will bloom just like my children. For me, Metro is the embodiment of a new generation of schools with a unique project based curriculum that aims to nurture strengths and shape their success. The staff are open and always willing to go the extra mile.”

Teresa, parent of 3 Metro students

“ Impact not only gave me the right guidance, but prepared me more than enough for college. There was not one thing that I did at Impact that I did not need in college. I believe that a lot of students wish to do better and would like to get a higher education, but do not know what and how to do it. That is where Impact excels – every teacher that I had gave me the attention I needed and when it came to looking at colleges, our college counselor was there just about 24 hours of the day. Impact is one of the main reasons why I would like to become a teacher myself.”

Roxana, Impact Graduate, Class of 2011

“CAT is a school that gives students a chance to succeed while being pushed to expand their thinking. Each student has a fair opportunity to do their best while attending CAT, while also receiving one-on-one time with a teacher as needed.”

Itiana, CAT graduate

“Attending CAT really gave me opportunities in the real world and going into college was just like a 13th grade of CAT all over again – I was prepared for all things thrown my way and even leadership skills we learned at CAT were brought up in college. Doing the WLE also benefited my resume, so I am able to have the job I have now.”

Nick, CAT graduate