Haley is an 11th grade Oakland student looking forward to college.  She has already contributed so much to the Envision community, and we are excited to help her take her education out into the world and go anywhere she wants.
On her teachers: Ms. Natalia, my 9th grade English teacher, was just absolutely amazing. The biggest difference between her and my previous teachers is that she didn’t let me stop.  She kept on pushing me.  Every single day in class I was struggling and I was being challenged and that was a change for me.  She introduced me to new ways of thinking about things.   
I also really like my theatre teacher, Ms. Mac, and I really liked her class, too.   She’s just very open-minded and she pushes everyone.   She doesn’t think there are only certain people who can do the work, she says  “I  know all of you are going to be able to do this.”