About Envision Learning Partners

About Envision Learning Partners

About Envision Learning Partners

Inspiring Results:

Envision Learning Partners was created in 2010 to bring Envision Schools’ unique and effective approach to transforming student learning to schools and districts across the country. As Envision Education’s consulting and training division, Envision Learning Partners works with a broad range of district and charter schools to increase the number of students that are truly prepared for success in college, career and life.

We offer training, tools and technology that make it possible to change schools’ practices and results, and we partner closely with school and district leaders to transform the culture and school systems that support a higher level of college and career readiness. By the end of this school year, we will have worked with more than 800 teachers and leaders in more than 20 school networks, impacting the learning of at least 82,500 students.

School transformation is not an overnight process, so we prefer to collaborate with schools and districts over a minimum of one school year to provide:

  • Summer training institute on teaching, learning and assessment practices for all teachers and leaders.
  • Regular professional development and coaching throughout the school year for teachers and leaders to learn how to align curriculum and instruction to the student assessment system, structure ongoing professional development, and create a culture of revision to support student learning.
  • Practical tools and technology that make it more manageable to adjust instruction and assessment.
  • Ongoing support to help schools make the shift to teaching and measuring 21st Century Skills.

About Envision Learning PartnersWhile the deepest, most sustainable results come from longer partnerships, we recognize that this is not feasible for all schools. As a result, we also offer time-limited professional development and coaching focused on such topics as performance assessment, aligned performance tasks, common rubrics, project-based learning, leadership and culture, and Common Core integration. Typically, these services are tailored specifically for your teachers and leaders based on a needs assessment.

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