On a favorite classroom project:  “I have two favorite projects.  One is my Amulet Mosaic project where students create both a mosaic and a personal amulet that reflects their beliefs and culture.  My favorite medium to work in as an artist is mosaics and I love sharing with them my knowledge of Mosaics.  The other project I love is one I call “Happy Un-Birthday” where students research a visual artist of their choosing and create a “present” for them.  The outside reflects the artist’s style and aesthetic of art and the inside has five symbols that reflect the artist’s personal life.  Students get to connect with their chosen artist, both personally and artistically, and I get to learn about artists I’ve never even heard of through this project.”

Kim has been a teacher at our San Francisco high school, City Arts & Tech, for nine years. Among other things, she is responsible for helping our students install the gorgeous mosaics on the risers of the wide staircase in the school’s main foyer. An accomplished artist herself, Kim helps her students gain confidence and express themselves through art and learning about how artists work.  

* * *