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Our Schools

Welcome Letter from Envision’s CEO

WelcomeWelcome to Envision Schools! Since I joined Envision Schools in July of 2011, I have been amazed by the commitment of each and every individual who works at our schools, touched by the families who have entrusted us with their children’s education, and inspired by the students who continue to persist and thrive despite the very challenging circumstances they face. We have chosen to take this journey together to ensure that all Envision students, especially those who are the first in their family to attend college, are accepted to and are successful in college.

That’s the journey we’re on today. Now let me tell you how my own journey led me here. My parents left Vietnam over three decades ago in hopes that their four children would have access to a free education and ultimately graduate from college. Through hard work and the support of others, I graduated from college, became a teacher, then a principal, and now I supervise these extraordinary schools. Each of these experiences has been transformative for me, and my hope is that all students, especially those who come from underserved communities, have access to similar transformative experiences. I believe that it is education that allows our children to hope for something better and to contribute to the strength of our communities.

At Envision Schools, we believe that well-executed project-based learning is an approach that provides students with challenging and authentic learning experiences that promote critical thinking and problem solving. We also believe that literacy is a democratic right for all students. Therefore, core to our work is ensuring that each student reads, writes, and thinks well, independent of the literacy level that he or she comes in with. For the next two years, Envision Schools will align our instructional professional development and student support work around strategic literacy instruction.

I am proud to say that Envision Schools has built an incredible community of persistent learners, powerful leaders, and strong community members. Principals set exceptionally high standards and expectations for students, faculty and parents. Teachers consistently challenge themselves as learners and leaders in service of student success. Our schools have a strong college-going culture, a clear sense of purpose, empowered teacher leaders, and high academic expectations for all our students.

So it is with great honor that I invite you to learn more about Envision Schools and the amazing community we have developed.

Gia Truong
Chief Executive Officer