Mission & History

Mission & History

Our mission is to transform the lives of students – especially those who will be the first in their family to attend college – by preparing them for success in college, in careers, and in life.

Our MissionAt Envision Education, we believe the current achievement gap reflects a systemic failure to understand how kids learn, what motivates them to learn, and what they need in order to learn well. Envision Education was co-founded by Daniel McLaughlin, a former Senior Research Associate at WestEd, and Bob Lenz, an award-winning teacher and nationally recognized school reform leader who remains on our Board of Directors. Envision began operations as a 501(c)(3) charter school management organization in June 2002.

Our History

Today, Envision Education runs three small, high-performing urban public schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Envision Schools integrate a challenging curriculum that requires all students to complete the A-G Common Core coursework, ensuring that they are eligible and prepared to attend a four-year university.

Our educators also create project-based assignments that challenge students to use the 21st Century Skills, of thinking critically, solving problems resourcefully, and collaborating productively, that are needed to thrive in college, in future careers, and in life. Students have an opportunity to use these skills and show what they know through portfolio presentations and defenses. Similar to a dissertation, these presentations are required to graduate and are invaluable in preparing students for life after high school.

Building on the success of our schools, Envision Education created a consultancy division in 2010, called Envision Learning Partners, to transform the educational experience for students across the country. Using the Envision Schools model, Envision Learning Partners works with progressive teachers and leaders throughout the United States to create vibrant schools and engage students deeply in their own learning.